Could Your Front Door Be Saying Goodbye? 3 Ways You Know It Needs Replacement

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Could Your Front Door Be Saying Goodbye? 3 Ways You Know It Needs Replacement

1 February 2021
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Garage and side doors have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Consequently, people do not use their front doors as much as they used to. The state of minimized use also means that many homeowners hardly notice when their front door wears out. When you allow the door to deteriorate, you reduce the door's energy efficiency, which compromises your security in the house.

Here are three ways to check and see whether the state of your front door has deteriorated and if it's time to replace it. 

Is the Door Difficult to Open and Shut?

Doors have several mechanical parts that move together to open and close them. The hinges, seal, door handle, and other components should work smoothly so you do not have to struggle to open or close the door. However, when a door starts aging, the hinges might rust, leading to excessive friction when opening or closing it. 

Similarly, the seal will become worn out and lose its efficiency. This means the seal won't be able to keep the door tightly shut. If you can see light when the door is still closed, it means that the door has damage along the edges. A door replacement contractor will help you figure out whether they can repair the damage or you need to replace the door altogether. 

Is There Moisture Between the Panes?

Most doors that have windows in them have double panes to increase their energy efficiency. The panes are usually airtight to make the door more efficient. Unless the door is damaged, nothing should get inside the space between the sealed panes. As the door ages, the seal between the panes becomes weak and breaks, allowing moisture to get into the space and condense. The moisture between the panes is a challenge that can bring about further complications such as mold damage in your home. However, replacing the old door with a newer and better one will stop the damage. 

Has Your Heating Bill Escalated?

If your doors and windows are properly insulated, they will keep the heat inside in the winter. But as the door ages, it loses its ability to keep moisture out of the house. This eventually leads to an increase in your heating bills. In extreme cases, you might have a chilly breeze entering your house from under the door. And since this might be quite disturbing and inconvenient, replacing the faulty door could solve the problem.

If your front door has developed a problem that has made it less useful, it's advisable to replace it. Although repairing a damaged door is a less expensive option, you may have to replace the door if the damage will be costly to repair or if it is completely irreparable. Getting an expert to replace the door will enhance security in your home and keep your heating bills manageable.