Signs You Need A New Commercial Overhead Door For Your Warehouse

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Signs You Need A New Commercial Overhead Door For Your Warehouse

16 July 2020
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Your commercial overhead door is an essential part of your business, allowing your warehouse to remain in operation more easily. When you do commercial overhead door installation professionally, you have peace of mind knowing that your overhead door is sound and operational. Over time, this commercial overhead door will start to wear out and need to be replaced for the safety of your employees and the functionality of your warehouse.

Here are signs you need a new commercial overhead door for your warehouse. If your commercial overhead door is not working at all, discontinue operation of the door and call a professional commercial overhead door installation specialist for assistance.

The door is closing unevenly

If your commercial overhead door isn't closing evenly, it may be putting more pressure on one part of the door or another in order to function correctly. Springs may be getting uneven wear, which can cause to premature breakdown. Or, the door may get stuck at an odd angle in the middle of operation, putting your inventory, machinery, equipment, and employees at risk of damage or injury.

Call for commercial overhead door installation services right away if you have a problem with your commercial overhead door. Proper inspection may reveal dirty pulleys or tracks that need to be lubricated, or may uncover springs that are worn and need to be replaced. It's also not uncommon for rails to be bent or to see gears be affected as well. Installing a new commercial overhead door is best to ensure healthy operation of your warehouse.

The door won't open

If your commercial overhead door won't open — or close — and requires manual manipulation to get the unit to function, there may be problems with the wall control panel or the motorized aspects of the commercial door. The problem with a commercial overhead door that won't open or close without assistance is that it's less predictable to know when the unit will start to operate on its own again, causing an accident in the process.

Your commercial overhead door installation specialist will tell you if your issues with your commercial overhead door are related to mechanical problems or electrical in design. Always have your commercial overhead door installation done professionally to ensure safe installation and to keep all warranties and guarantees in place. If you can, have your commercial overhead door install done outside of your busiest business hours so you don't have to halt production or activity while the overhead door is being installed.