Handle Some Common Automatic Door Issues

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Handle Some Common Automatic Door Issues

15 November 2019
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A new business offers many exciting prospects, and one thing to contemplate is the area that your clients will access when they first enter the premises. Maybe, you have chosen to have automatic doors installed on the front of the building, as well as along one of the glass-paned walls that make up a vestibule that houses restrooms and water fountains. Automatic doors will come in handy when patrons are carrying heavy items, and these entryways will be appreciated by anyone who has limited mobility and relies upon a walker or a wheelchair. However, you will need to be prepared to deal with any problems the doors might have. 

A Door Failure May Not Be Associated With An Electric Issue

How would you handle a situation that involves one or more doors failing to operate? Your first inclination may be that there was a power failure or that one of the electrical components is not connected properly, but this isn't always the case. If a patron approaches a door and it will not open, yet a humming noise is present (indicating that the door is responding), a foreign object may be stuck along the track that one of the door panels is attached to. 

Each entranceway needs to be cleaned daily to ensure that the door tracks stay clean. Since people will be shuffling in and out of the business, pieces of gravel or mud could become wedged along the inside of the track. In addition, if some a prankster or someone who tends to be disrespectful purposely throws their gum or a sticky substance onto the flooring that is adjacent to the doorway, this material could become a hindrance to the door's performance.

Display a sign that states the fact that no food or beverages will be allowed indoors. This information may ensure that each door is operated properly, but you will still need to do some maintenance at the end of the day. Clean the flooring that surrounds each door and move floor mats so that they are not likely to get stuck inside of the door tracks. 

The Strike Plates Will Have A Bearing On The Operation

When the power goes out, the automatic doors will not open on their own, but the type of strike plates that you choose will have a bearing on whether or not your clients will have access to the premises. A fail-secure strike will latch when the power is out, and your customers will not have access to your business. You would need to manually open the door from the inside.

If you have chosen to have this type of strike added to each automatic door and discover that you are inconvenienced whenever there is a power outage, hire a technician to replace the strikes with fail-safe ones. Fail-safe strikes will latch when the doors are closed, but your patrons will be able to open and close the doors merely by pushing against them.

If you need more help, contact an automatic door repair company.