How To Replace Garage Door Panels

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How To Replace Garage Door Panels

6 January 2017
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If you have aluminum or vinyl garage doors, fixing them can be a little tricky. Patching and painting over these ultra smooth materials is a bit difficult. If any of your panels have damaged or scratched panels, it is often easier to just replace the whole panel. Even if you have never done this work, it is actually quite simple. This article explains how to determine if you will be able to replace your panels. It also details the replacement process, which you can do on your own to make the project more affordable.

Checking Your Frame

Most aluminum and vinyl garage doors have metal frames. Each panel has an individual frame. If a panel is particularly damaged, it might mean that the frame is also damaged. Usually, if the frame is bent, it will be too hard to replace the panel. For instance, if you accidentally ran your car into your door, it might be too difficult to replace the panels without also fixing the frames. If your frame needs to be fixed, this is definitely work that you should leave to professionals. The key is to look at your garage door from inside. Examine the frame to look for any kinks.

Replacing the Panels

If all of your frame seems to be unbent, you can proceed with ordering your new panels. It is probably a good idea to replace all of your panels, even if only one is broken. Even if you order the exact same product, there's a good chance that your existing panels will be faded from sun exposure. Don't start to remove your old panels until the new ones arrive, and double check that they're the right size, style, and color.

You will definitely need two people for this job, a cordless power drill, and a rubber mallet. One person will be on the inside of the garage, removing the mounting screws on the panel. In some cases you will be able to remove all of the screws at once. However, some panels will start to fall out of the frame as they are removed. This is why the second helper should be on the outside of the garage, holding the panel. If one end of the panel does fall out, it could caused damage to the frame.

As you put the new panel in place, one person will need to hold the panel in place while the other starts to attach the screws from inside. Attach a couple of screws at both ends, and then attach the middle screws. You will be pleased to see how much newer your home looks with new garage panels.

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